Comardo Racing Engines
We build power not Excuses!


If you want HIGH Performance you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!

Other Services we offer:

  • Bore blocks                 
  • Line bore & line hone
  • Hone blocks                
  • Machine roller cam bearings
  • Lifter true                     
  • Balance rotating assemblies
  • Deck blocks                 
  • Surface cylinder heads
  • Stock or competitive valve jobs
  • Install seats & guides
  • Port cylinder heads & intakes
  • Engine Dyno service
  • Installation
  • Extract broken bolts from heads & blocks

Many more services available.

If you have a special need or request call
Pat @ 386-527-5531 or Don @ 386-871-5095



Our equipment is first rate. 

  • Hines Dominator (the same one most major crankshaft manufacturers  use)
  • Sunnen CV616 hone
  • Sunnen Rod Machine
  • CH-100Lline Bore
  • Stuska Engine Dyno with Depac Data Acquisition


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